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Self regulating heat trace tape

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Long lasting, engineered wattages
[Bullet] Well sealed from winter and outside elements
[Bullet] Great to freeze-protect pipes

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[Bullet] FP Series Page 1                   Self Regulating Heating Element
               FP Series Page 2
[Bullet] TPT-PS Page 1                      Power Connection Kit for Pipes
               TPT-PS Page 2
[Bullet] T-LST Page 1                      Line Sensing Thermostat
               TFP-ES Page 2
[Bullet] TFP-ES Page 1                      End Seal Kit for freeze protection and Lower Temp Maint.
               TFP-ES Page 2
[Bullet] TPT-SAK Page 1                   Power Splice Kit for Pipes
               TPT-SAK Page 2
[Bullet] T-SLK-LED Pg 1                   Signal Light Kit
               T-SLK-LED Page 2
[Bullet] CIRCUIT SENTRY 30 Pg 1 Ground Fault Device for 30 Amps
               CIRCUIT SENTRY 30 Pg 2


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